SEO Secret 7 Tips

 SEO has an important relationship with blogging. If the content we publish on our website is not search engine optimization friendly then no visitors will come to those articles.

SEO Secret 7 Tips, SEO

So in this post I will share with you five secret tips of SEO. If you read the implementation of your website will be able to bring a good amount of visitors from the Google search engine. Then let's not know those five secret tips!

1. Define the topic for writing the article:

If you want to make your article article SEO friendly, first of all you have to find a topic that has less competition for the topic. You can easily rank your web site on Google for topics that have less competition. As a result, your web site will get a lot of visitors and more visitors will actually get more clicks and more clicks will actually increase your income. So first of all you have to find the topic low competition.

2. keyword research:

If you want to bring your article to the fast page of Google without any money. Then you have to do keyword research. If you can do keyword research well then you can go to the first page of geography within 24 hours of your post Index.

The important thing to remember is that when you do keyword research, the SEO difficulty of your keyboard should be below 5. If you search for keywords below SEO difficulty 5, your content will be on the first page of Google within 24 hours.

3. Try to write large content:

If you can write good quality content from your computer. Then Google index will be very soon and Google is likely to come to the first page. If you publish a lot of great content from your competitors on your website. Then your post is likely to move to your computer. You should always try to keep your article to a minimum of 1000 words.

4. Use best tags:

One of the most important things you can do to make an article look good is to use tags in your article. Because if you use the tags in the article in the right way then your post will be easily found by anyone and then your post is more likely to be viewed. You must place the keywords in the tag. By doing this, your post is likely to move to a better position in the search position.

5. Try to write a valuable article:

Always try to give something good to your visitors. Never misbehave with them or the title of your post is one and the content is another. You will never do this on your site. This will do you a lot of harm because if you do not match the post with the title, then the visitor will be able to see the second visitor will not come to your web site after you start betting. So try to write the right content.

6. Try to write neatly:

When you write an article on a topic, you must try to write it neatly. Because if the article you are writing does not understand the text then there is no point in writing this article. If you can write the topic neatly then the reader will like to read and will spend more time on your web site which will rank your web site. So try to write the article neatly.

7. SEO Friendly Content Create:

If you create SEO Friendly Content while writing the content, Google will rank in that field very easily. If you do not write SEO Friendly Content then Google will not rank which will reduce the chances of more visitors to your web site. So try to write SEO Friendly Content every Post.

If you want to get a website in a good position then you must work hard. Because no one can go to a good position overnight.

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