Google AdSense ads limit 5 Reason 2022

How are you my friends i hope you are well Today we will discuss with you why Google AdSense account ad limit. There are many reasons for this. There are five reasons why the Google AdSense account is limited. Today I will tell you the details.

We have to work hard to get Google AdSense on a website or YouTube. That way he should be taken care of. We may lose our Google AdSense account due to our negligence.

 So Google AdSense account should be used properly. Then the Google AdSense account will not be lost. Now I will say that there are five reasons why Google AdSense account is limited.

five reasons why Google AdSense Ads limit

1. Click Own Website Ad:

After our website is approved in AdSense The first mistake we make is to click on our own ad. Many of us make this mistake after getting approved in AdSense.

 I visit my own website again and again, because of repeated visits, in-valid traffic comes to the website And your Google AdSense account ad limit may be due to the departure of invalid traffic.

              How to  AdSense apply 

2. Bring visitors through third party:

At the beginning we try to bring visitors from third parties in the hope of making more profit. Which is very harmful for our website. 

This is because third parties do not visit your website well and do not work properly which leads to invalid traffic to the website. With the advent of invalid traffic, the chances of getting Google AdSense account ad limit increase.

3. Big Extra Share in Social network:

In the hope of more income and more visitors, we share extra on our YouTube and website various social media sites. 

As a result, we get a lot of involuntary traffic and involuntary traffic increases the possibility of ad limit.

4. Paid Traffic: 

We expect paid more traffic from visitors and money. As a result, we do a lot of damage to our web site.

 There may be a lot of invalid traffic due to paid traffic and if there is invalid traffic then google AdSense approval account ad limit may be.

5. Share to Friend: 

When AdSense approval is done on our web site or YouTube, we share more and more with our friends in the hope of earning more visitors and money. 

Which can come from the medium web site or YouTube invite traffic. AdSense approval account may be ad limit. 

However, AdSense approval account AdSense policy will continue to work.

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