What to do before applying for Google AdSense

 Assalamu Walaikum. I sat down to read and write for many days. I don't have much time to write tunes due to my busy schedule. Today's tune is about Google Adsense . Which is a very important topic for bloggers. Especially those who have not yet received AdSense approval or will go to apply for AdSense.

Many may have given up blogging without getting Google AdSense approval and many may have given up the hope of Google AdSense because they could not buy top level domains. However, after reading this tune, you can get AdSense approval. But, you must use the words spoken in the tune. If you can use it, I will find it useful to write this tune. So let's get to the real thing.

We all know what AdSense is. In a word, golden deer. However, not everyone has this golden deer. It requires hard work, effort and patience.

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Google AdSense for free domain

Here I do not mean free domain "ml, tk, cf, gq" this domain. Again, I do not mean the free ".xyz, .com, .net" domain offered by any company. I mean Custom “.bogspot.com” domain provided by Blogger.com. Many people may have a blogger site and you would have parked the domain "ml, cf, ga, gq" there.

If your site has good quality content (copy free, SEO Friendly) and if you want to get the approval of AdSense, then remove all those domains now and apply for Google AdSense from the custom domain of Blogger. Inshallah you will get approval. (And if you can, you can apply by buying an xyz domain for 100 rupees). This way you can get AdSense approval from the free domain.

What to do before applying for Google AdSense

If you think your site is suitable for AdSense then you can apply for AdSense. And your site will be useful for AdSense only when you manage the site in accordance with all the rules of AdSense. Blog type sites get the most AdSense approval. So, if your site has some copy free content (approximately 15 to 20+) then you will get approval. And before you apply for AdSense, you must follow these words:

  1. If you have a new domain or a new site, never apply for AdSense. The chances of AdSense approval for a new site are very low. If the site is more than 50 days old, apply for AdSense.
  2. Delete images that fall under copyright and Draft or Delete Copy Content. This means that if you download an image directly from Google and use it directly on your site without rename change or resize, then delete those images and delete the copy content. If you do not want to delete, then publish after the approval of AdSense, but keep more copy content on the site.
  3. Your site must have these four pages in the header or in the footer. Keep it in such a way that when a new visitor visits your site, this page will catch his eye.
    • About Us
    • Contact us
    • Disclaimer
    • Privacy & Policy
    • FAQ
    • Sitemap

    Of these pages you must create the first 4 pages with complete information.

  4. Your site must be on Google. That is, you need to SEO your site. So that your site and your site content can be found on Google.
  5. Don't put adult pictures or topics on the site.
  6. When applying for AdSense, it is best not to place ads on any other site.
  7. Applicants for Google AdSense must be 18+

If your site can accept these gulons then your site is suitable for AdSense.

Google AdSense is not being approved or not

If it is not approved after the first application, then apply again for the second time. Before applying for a second time, check out why Google AdSense has not been approved. Then fix it and apply again after 2-3 days. Letting you know within 14 days of applying for AdSense whether your site will get approval or not !! One of my websites did not get approval on the first application. That website probably got approval in the third application. So you must have a little patience !!

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I am ending here today with your healthy wishes. Forgive me if there is any mistake somewhere. Stay well, stay healthy, visit our site regularly to get many more such posts.

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