Rules for placing AdSense ads in the middle of posts on Blogger

 Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to blogging In order to increase this amount of income, it is necessary to place the ad in the right place on the site. And in today's tune, I will show you how to easily insert Google AdSense ads in your Blogger site posts . 

Therefore, we will not edit the template separately or put any additional code. I will do it through post edit. This is the easiest way to place an ad in a post.

AdSense ad rules in the middle of the blog post

Below is a discussion on how to place an adsense ad in the middle of a blog post. Follow each step. You can watch the video to know better.

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Login to the AdSense account and enter the AdSense section

Skinshot to enter Adsense Ads Unit

First you login to your Adsense account. Then, click on the menu button and open the Sub Menu called Ads and click on Ad Units.

In-article ads unit created

Skinshot to create in article ads unit
Now you will see different types of Ad Units on the page that will come. Now click on In-article Ad because we will show the ad in the post. And this Ad Units is for this. Now we need to create a new In-article Ad.

Ads code copy

In Ad Unit Name you give a name of your choice then customize the ad. And, you can see directly what the ad looks like on the left side. When done, click the SAVE AND GET CODE button.

A screenshot of copying AdSense ads code

Then copy the code by clicking the COPY CODE SINIPPET button and margin the code by closing the div tag (how to do it is shown in the video).

Placed in the middle of a post on Blogger

Putting ad code in the middle of posts on Blogger

Now you go to your blog, then open the post in which you will put the ad in edit mode. Once opened, bring the post to Compose mode HTML mode. If you already have HTML mode, you don't need to do anything else.

Now paste the ad code in the place of your choice. However, do not put too much ad. Because it will take a lot of time to load the page, as well as visitors will be annoyed. Update the post once the ad is installed. Ad show will take some time after post update (maximum minutes)

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It is better to put one ad every 150 or 100 words in a row.

This was today's tune. You can comment to let us know how the tune sounded. Also, be sure to let me know if there are any problems somewhere. Contact us in case of any need .

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