Adsense rejected? Reasons for AdSense rejection and its solution

 Have you applied for AdSense for monetization of your website and have rejected AdSense? What should you do now? And why AdSense has rejected your website. Today's tune with all this.

Advertising on a website is a very old and effective way to make money. And if this ad network belongs to Google AdSense, then there is no point. Isn't it?

Reasons for AdSense Rejection

There are many reasons why your website may be rejected by AdSense. However, simply put, your website and your website content are not in accordance with the AdSense policy or, if your website violates any AdSense policy, your website will be rejected from AdSense. Now let's not know the reasons for rejecting the monetization of your website.

If you have another AdSense account

If you have another AdSense account, AdSense will reject your site before reviewing. So without creating two AdSense accounts, first apply for AdSense with AdSense.

If you encounter such problems, delete the previous AdSense account, then your problem will be solved.

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Content policy

If any content on your website violates the AdSense policy, it will show this issue and reject your website for monetization. We discussed some of the AdSense content restrictions in Tune 2. I will read that tune (link is given above). If you login to your AdSense account, there will be some written about this issue.

So what do you do now? Simply put, remove content on your website that does not comply with AdSense policy. Apply again two to three days after removal. If you login to AdSense to apply again, you will get a check box, mark it and submit it.

If new site

If your website is brand new, AdSense  will reject the Site Under Construction issue. We have discussed this in the second tune, so I will not say anything new.

However, there are other reasons for under construction issues such as:

  1. If you customize the site daily
  2. Constantly changing the theme
  3. Adding or removing daily new features

So stop doing that. Complete it once and apply for AdSense. And the minimum age on the site is 3 months.

What to do if AdSense is rejected?

I have repeatedly said that you will fix the issue and re-submit. There is no need to do more than that. If necessary, consult an experienced person. And, to get AdSense, you don't have to burn wood-coal like before. Simply, you focus on the content of your website.

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This was today's tune. I hope you like it. If you like it, please let us know in the comments. And the next tune, you can tell what you want with the comments. I will try to publish tunes on that subject.

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