App Icon Changer & Shortcut Creator

Application Icon Changer and Shortcut Creator. Tweak your symbols with no watermarks

X Icon Changer is an absolutely free and valuable application which can assist you with changing and redo symbols and names for any applications. The new symbols can be looked over display, other application symbols and heaps of customized symbol packs. Our application will make easy route with another symbol on your home screen. This is the most straightforward approach to enrich your android telephone.


1. Enter X Icon Changer.
2. Pick an application to change the symbol.
3. Select another picture from the inherent symbol packs, your display, other application symbols or outsider customized symbol packs.
4. Alter another name (can be invalid) for the application.
5. Go to home screen/work area to see the new alternate route symbol.

On Android 8.0 or more, the framework will consequently add a watermark to the alternate route symbol. We give an approach to you to consummately change application symbols with no imprints by gadget innovation:

1. Go to your telephone's home screen/work area, press and hold a clear space. Then, at that point click "Gadgets" from the spring up menu.

2. Discover "X Icon Changer" in gadgets page, contact and hold it and drag it to your work area.

3. The gadget of X Icon Changer will be opened consequently. After that you can change your application symbol with no imprints.

There are heaps of chosen customized symbol packs worked in X Icon Changer. The application and those symbol packs are largely allowed to get. Simply download X Icon Changer currently to improve your android telephone. Download
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